“Our Story”             In 1971, when Red Hawk Ranch was founded, it covered the side of a mountain. Over time it gradually decreased in size. When my family found the Ranch it was a small parcel sequestered upon the side of a hill. It had turned into the kind of place that if you didn’t know where it was, you would never find it. It was here, I know, where my Father stood, looking out at the blue California sky and the rim of a beautiful mountain range, smelling the faint brine of the ocean that reaches us in the morning, listening to the wind rustle the trees, when he decided that this was the perfect sort of place to start up a family run business. And he was right.             Over the span of my life my family has never lived in one place for too long. The pull of business, a sedentary indoor life bound by rules and regulations, uprooted us time and again. That is until we found the Ranch and the call of the Earth became deeply rooted in out hearts.  We exist in the post industrialist age, where we live in cities that span for miles, and rely on increasingly advanced technology for everyday tasks. Food is something you get in a grocery store, out of a box, a plastic wrapper, or that has been sitting in an industrial refrigerator for fourteen days before its put on the shelves. Before we had time to realize it we accepted this as normalcy, and in doing so became estranged from the Earth, a state not foreign to many of our fellow human beings. Yet, what is more natural to a human being than the Earth?            As we gained this awareness it breathed a new vitality into how we saw the Ranch. The avocadoes grew, so slowly we couldn’t measure them from one day to the next, until they were the robust fresh avocados that would sit on our table. Ripened naturally their buttery rich texture and flavor were dramatically enhanced. It was then that we discovered that we didn’t want to keep this discovery to ourselves. Rather, we’d like to share it with you. -Alexandra Silvera